Tips for Wearing Gold: Visit this Website to Check Out New Pieces

Tips for Wearing Gold: Visit this Website to Check Out New Pieces

Always loved the look of gold, but not sure how to wear gold jewelry so that it truly shines? Readers can check out the following tips for how to make sure that gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are perfectly complementing their style.

Keep it Uncluttered

Most women have probably been advised at some point in the past to take off one of their chosen accessories before they leave the house. This advice is doubly useful when it comes to wearing gold jewelry. While layering can be an appropriate jewelry styling technique, with fine gold jewelry it prevents any one piece from truly standing out.

Make a Statement

Statement pieces like bold, chunky gold rings and bangles can be worn with just about any outfit. When wearing a statement piece, make sure that it is the focus of the day’s style. This can be done by pairing elaborate necklaces with basic turtlenecks or stacked bracelets with simple gowns.

Mix Metals

It used to be the case that truly fashionable women never mixed metals, but today it is considered a fashion statement rather than a faux-pas. Just make sure to keep the style consistent and pair jewelry made of different metals that features the same style or looks like it is from the same era. This will produce a bold, eclectic look without looking ridiculous.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Even those who don’t habitually wear gold jewelry every day can begin incorporating one or two pieces into their outfits without being afraid that their unique styles will be overwhelmed. Try experimenting with different styles and buy new jewelry that will really push some boundaries. Those who are used to wearing only very understated chain necklaces and pendants may want to branch out and buy some bangles or some elaborate earrings, since there’s really nothing to lose.

Keep Up With Trends

Gold is always in style, but different types of gold jewelry still fall in and out of favor. If a certain piece has begun to feel dated, try retiring it for a while and going for something with a more modern feel. Those who want to update their gold jewelry collections can visit this website to see what’s currently trending.

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